Know everything about what others are silent!

Erotic art and human sexuality are the topics forbidden to discuss and permanently hidden from you. Unveil all the secrets at MusEros, one of the world’s largest Museums of Eroticism. We will tell you everything about what others are silent!

Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask

Walking through the palace halls of the historic building we will tell you about all the uncounted mysteries of the erotic art.

One of the world’s larges museums of eroticism, with its area of about 900 square meters, combines everything that people have been concealing for centuries and thousands of years.

  • Dozens of erotic art pieces;
  • Unique historic artifacts;
  • World’s sex cultural subjects;
  • Up-to-date multimedia hall and 3D cinema;
  • The largest Russian collection of sex machines and BDSM constructions.

Carrying on the traditions

Museums of eroticism began to appear as far back as the 1960s, but only a short list of the museums has become culturally significant places located in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. St. Petersburg Museum of eroticism has been prepared for a long time: we have adopted the experience of the best world’s museums and have gathered one of the best expositions of erotic showpieces.

When creating MusEros we have consulted the leading experts of the Russian Museum: Joseph Kiblitsky, the director of publishing and exhibitory programs of the State Russian Museum; and Alexander Borovsky, an honored art worker of Russian Federation, a member of St. Petersburg department of the Association of art critics, the Curator and Head of the Contemporary Art department at the Russian Museum.

You have never seen anything like this before!

The erotic art history has never been so close to the residents of the former Soviet Union. Now you can touch the least enlightened art form in the centre of a cultural capital of Russia. Getting acquainted with the topic hidden in the consciousness of humanity since the ancient times may take you more than one day. Don’t waste your time – book a ticket right now!

The history of MusEros is starting 14-th February. Precisely St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday of all the lovers will be the day of the museum opening. This date is a new round of the erotic art development. Don’t miss the chance to be the first to know everything about the human sexuality mystery, book a ticket at the pre-sale discount price!

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